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Bespoke Aluminium Doors

Custom Entrance Doors Tailored Just for You

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Steel Entrance Doors

Timeless Modern Design: Clean, Minimal, and Elegant

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Our Products

Wide Range of Products: from bespoke aluminum doors, standard steel doors with aluminum frames, up to steel doors.
Excellent Thermal Performance: Ud value starts at 0.68 to 1.2 – ensuring comfortable indoor temperatures and heating cost savings.
Security: Certified by BSI London (UK) and IFT Rosenheim (Germany), RC2 security class, equivalent to PAS24.
Technology: 2 mm thick aluminum sheets, 3-chamber profiles, 3- or 4-pane glass packages, Winkhaus locks, reinforced hinges, and secure escutcheons.
Design: Modern, simple, and elegant design, finished with powder coating or Renolit foil finish.

We provide products that combine functionality with aesthetics, meeting the highest standards of quality and security. Discover our range today!

Premium Design

Aluminium Bespoke Doors

Steel Exterior Doors

Econo Steel Doors


Established in 1922 and now led by the fourth generation, we are a longstanding leader in the aluminum joinery market. Our expertly crafted products meet the highest standards, and our efficient, reliable order fulfillment ensures timely completion. We offer comprehensive support, robust marketing assistance, and foster strong partnerships. Our commitment to loyalty and integrity has earned the trust of our customers and partners.

As a leader in production automation, we produce cost-effective products while maintaining consistent quality. Choose us for our blend of tradition, innovation, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Innovation and Customization

Our facility embraces innovative production techniques and we continuously adapt to the latest market trends. We can customize products specifically tailored to meet the needs of your high-value clients.

Broad Product Range

We offer a wide array of products, from the most affordable steel doors for garages or industrial halls to mid-range entry doors, premium aluminum doors, and pivot doors.We operate under two brands FM Türen and Kobbe for the very high end doors.

Marketing Support

We provide high-quality marketing materials including images of completed projects, visualizations, and samples. We also offer a product configurator that can be easily implemented into large networks like your company, significantly simplifying employee training.

Our Inspirations

Our inspirations in product creation stem from minimalism, reflected in beautiful design, elegance, and simplicity, showcasing the quality of our craftsmanship. We are leaders in model and color variety for glass and aluminum finishes. Our latest trend is the Blackline series, featuring doors with black glass and black fittings. Additionally, our new offerings include concrete optics and wood-like doors, lacquered on aluminum with black frames.