Premium Design Series

The Premium Design series is an evolution of our flagship product, Premium90. This line includes doors with finishes in light or dark concrete and wood optics such as Winchester or Pine. All these products feature black frames and black hinges, giving them an even more modern look. These custom-made products are available with optional sidelights to meet the specific needs of our customers.
Great Design

They captivate with their design, combining the appearance of wood with the modern look of doors. Available in several models, they can include custom milling in the aluminum sheet.

Unmatched Strength and Security

These doors are characterized by their high level of security, being equipped with reinforced hinges, P4A safety glass, and a 5-point hook lock. This combination effectively prevents break-ins, ensuring the safety of your home.

Functionality in Use

These solid doors, starting at a weight of 70kg, are not only meticulously designed to allow even a 7-year-old child to open and close them easily, but they also feature multiple hinge adjustments that ensure ease of use for years to come.

Yes, these doors are bespoke according to the client’s specifications. The maximum width for these doors is 1250 mm. The maximum height for these doors is 2500 mm.
The delivery time is 6-8 weeks due to the special aluminium printing.
Yes, we use Ekey fingerprint readers, which can be installed both in the door panel and in the wall. Additionally, we offer a keypad for codes or RFID from the manufacturer Sorex.
You can order doors with a thickness of 75 mm, with a maximum height of 2300 mm. Alternatively, you can order doors with a thickness of 90 mm, with a maximum height of 2500 mm.

Premium Design series doors are available only in timber like colors and light or dark concrete finishes. If you are looking for doors in typical RAL colors, please visit our Premium Bespoke section.

The Premium Design doors have excellent thermal performance with Ud values starting from 0.8 to 0,98 Ud, ensuring comfortable indoor temperatures and heating cost savings.
These doors are certified by BSI London (UK) and IFT Rosenheim (Germany) with RC2 security class, equivalent to PAS24.
Our doors are equipped with reinforced hinges, P4A safety glass, and a 5-point hook lock, ensuring high security and preventing break-ins.



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Our Inspirations

Our inspirations in product creation stem from minimalism, reflected in beautiful design, elegance, and simplicity, showcasing the quality of our craftsmanship. We are leaders in model and color variety for glass and aluminum finishes. Our latest trend is the Blackline series, featuring doors with black glass and black fittings. Additionally, our new offerings include concrete optics and wood-like doors, lacquered on aluminum with black frames.